• Errol Raymond
    02 Dec 2023

    Sorry, but this book was a total miss for me. It felt like a relentless comedy show. I got lost somewhere between here and the sappy attempts to be convincing. The author's left me cringing and laughing at the baseless advice. Maybe it's just not my cup of tea, but if you're looking for genuine advice on love, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. The witty banter might work for some, but for this guy, it was a hard pass.

  • Sara Lockette
    20 Oct 2023

    Buckle up! This book is like the wise and hilarious friend I wish I had during my romantic escapades. The author's witty anecdotes and insightful advice make this guide an absolute gem. I reflected and cringed at my many attempts to find true love. I definitely learned a thing or two and about embracing my quirky self. If you're on the quest for true love or just looking for some good advise, this book is your golden ticket to the rollercoaster of romance!

  • Jan Wilkins
    02 Nov 2023

    I picked up this book hoping for a life-changing love revolution, but alas, it fell short. The author's can be a tad overwhelming, and I felt like I was slogging through boring therapy session rather than gaining profound insights into love. If you are into therapy this might be your thing. For me, it was more of a chuckle than a revelation.

  • Daniel Chung
    30 Nov 2023

    ⭐⭐⭐ Alright, here's the deal. As a guy navigating the labyrinth of love, I appreciated the author and agree to an extent about what is written in this book. It's like having a bro in the love game, sharing tips and laughs. However, there were moments when the tone felt a bit too geared toward a rom-com marathon night with the ladies. But if you can roll with it, this guide might just be your wingman.

  • Nora Gables
    21 Oct 2023

    I picked up this book hoping for a life-changing love revolution, and alas, it did not fall short. The author gives overwhelming advise, and I felt as if I had known such information I would have had a better relationship.

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