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  • James Martin
    04 Oct 2023

    It was nothing short of great. It had an influence on my prospecting techniques and it reshaped my understanding of niche profitability. Never considered that I should research the competition. It provides actionable steps to stay ahead in the online game.

  • Sophia Adder
    19 Oct 2023

    I'm a social media manager, and wanted to venture out. This book is an awesome guide for anyone venturing into the online realm. The strategies presented were, a goldmine, especially for those struggling to find their niche. I recommend its relevance and practicality.

  • Linda Belloucci
    12 Nov 2023

    I am trying to get into Online Course entrepreneurship for the new year, so I bought this book, and I have mixed feelings about it. I found some sections to be insightful, others were bland. I wished that there was a more in-depth exploration of the part about passion and interest and I feel that it fell a bit short in that aspect. Overall, a decent read, but not a standout.

  • Emily Hemstead
    02 Dec 2023

    I am a Freelancer and I find as an awesome guide that seamlessly navigates the complexities of online stardom. The strategies, especially those related to finding one's niche and validating ideas, resonated deeply with me. I feel empowered and ready to take my freelancing career to the next level.

  • Chris Astire
    08 Dec 2023

    I found it a worthwhile investment of my time. The insights on prospecting and strategies were particularly valuable for me. I appreciate the practical tips on niche profitability and considered this to be a valuable asset for those wanting to establish their presence online.

  • Rachel Jesus
    10 Nov 2023

    I find this book to be so-so. I will acknowledged the book's coverage of important aspects. However, some sections lacked depth. l was hoping for a bit more nuance, especially in the discussion about passion and interest. Overall, I find it as a decent read but not as groundbreaking as I had expected.